Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Melted Dolewhip

I have been slowly (and hardly) giving up soda again, and so more juice is on the menu. Jeremy bought me some frozen concentrates, and I found one that actually tastes like the last part of the whip, the melty creamy goodness.....If you like enjoying a Dolewhip on a hot day in the park, than Orange Pineapple Apple Cocktail is for you! I actually wish he would have bought 2 containers, cos now I just wanna look at old park photos and  enjoy this citrusy delight.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Taking a Disney Hiatus

I just haven't felt up to reading or writing about the Dis lately. Mostly because my next adventure is foggy at best. Jeremy just got his hours cut, which could last a week, but until it is over, I am not even considering any trips.

I look forward to the next time I blog about my passion, but for now it is just too sorrowful.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Walt Disney. My Hero.

A little bit on my personal hero. Walt Disney was man of incredible genius and even more incredible vision. With his brilliant mind and the company full of innovators, he would change the landscape of animation and film making forever. And all of that was before he invented the modern Theme Park. Something he is arguably better known for.

Let us begin at the start. On December 5, 1901, Walter Elias Disney was born in Chicago, Illinois. From very early on he loved art and drawing, even tarring the barn on the family farm, prompting a loving aunt to purchase his first drawing set (see, aunts really do make the world go round ;) lol). When he was 4 his parents moved to Marceline, Missouri and remained there until he was about 8or 9, though this seems like a short time, it actually left a deep emotional impression on him that would be carried through into his biggest venture ever, Disneyland.

In 1918 America was fighting WWI and Walt was a fierce patriot. He lied on his enlistment forms saying he was actually born in 1900 but was still forced to serve in the Red Cross as an ambulance driver because of the Military’s rejection. He spent a year overseas, and between patients and in his off time he worked on his art, drawing tattoos for soldiers and covering his ambulance in his cartoons.

In 1920 he began his career in show business, sort of. He started out as an advertising cartoonist. He perfected the art of adding animation to live action films during this time, and that would prove to be his bread and butter very soon.

And that’s where we will end today, next time we will focus on the Alice comedies, the role Universal played in the starting of an empire, the early life of Mickey Mouse and the years of Walt’s career before his first major film.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lady Gaga and the Mouse

Ok, so I will admit I am not always the first to know things, but I have seen the video for Paparzzi at least 20 times and NEVER noticed that her outfit is Mickey (I thought it was some kawaii thing).

I love GaGa, and this just owns....Seriously. Anywho, I was researching the Mickey helmet Rihanna wears in her new video. How is that even legal? I don't much care for her, but she is sporting my favorite hear gear, so she gets points for that.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Alright. I sat down to begin writing my first official *article* for this blog and realized that when I moved to Windows 7 a couple days ago, I forgot to back up my Disney research. Normally I would have freaked out. I am not the kind that handles change or chaos very well. I am strangely ok with it though. I have the opportunity to re-read so much, and in doing so found a wonderful source or two. At the moment I am digesting and still consuming so much information that I can’t possibly produce anything worth reading but I thought I would share a couple thoughts on what Disney has meant to me, and to my life.

If you would have know
n me in High School, Disney is the last thing you would have guessed would be a big part of my life. Politics, psychology, even law would have been more realistic. I am not saying that those things aren’t still part of my everyday life, but I am a far cry from the girl I was 10 years ago (my freshman year).

I guess everything really changed when I decided to get married. Another thing no one would have guessed I would do (even though I was engaged for 18 months from June of 01 to February 03). My husband is everything I could have ever asked for (and so much more). He makes my dreams come true, from the smallest wish (a piece of cake on a random day) to my deepest dreams (whatever they end up being) and for that I can never thank him enough. I am lucky in so many ways.

What does that have to do with Disney you ask? Well, from the time I was a little girl, I wanted to honeymoon in Disneyland. We got married in October and even though it took 2 months (and a few loans), he gave me that honeymoon. The very first day I fell in love with the ideals and gifts that Walt Disney gave the world. I remember distinctly the moment I knew I was home, and it was when it was time to leave. Like many who visit the parks for the first time (even though it was technically my third) I didn’t want to go home. I wanted to stay until they kicked me out, to experience everything the park had to offer. We decided to ride the train and eat the fudge we bought earlier to recoup some energy. Sitting there, my mouse ears and smile plastered to my head, I assessed the day I had. Just as a small child would, I started to fall asleep. My brand new husband leaned over, kissed me and told me we had to go get some sleep, which I immediately refused. I wasn’t tired, I could go for another 2 hours! He told me I would be able to come back the next day and my heart swelled at that simple thought. It didn’t have to end, just a little break. We went back to the hotel and I slept and dreamed of Disney (in the weird way dreams make things seem). When I woke up I realized what that feeling was, it was home. It was happiness and joy that he brought me and that had not dwindled even after sleeping. Most importantly, it is when I realized that Jeremy was who I wanted forever.

To this day, every time I enter the gates, my heart swells and my eyes well up. Disney (and of the 5 American parks that I have visited) is my home. No matter what happens, no matter how many challenges we are faced with, I know that home is there, waiting for me.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Introductions are in order!

Welcome to my exclusively Disney blog. The basic point of this little adventure is to combine known history of my beloved corporation with current news and announcements.

I have loved Disney since I went for the first time at 5 years old. From that first trip I knew I wanted to have my honeymoon in Disneyland but I didn't know just how obsessed I would become. December 2004, my husband takes me on my dream honeymoon and the addiction starts. Within a year of that trip, we are in Walt Disney World celebrating our 1st Anniversary. I have been to at least one of the resorts every year with the exception of 2009 (very hard year for everyone I imagine). This year (2010) I was lucky enough to spend the very first day of this decade walking through my happiest place.

That trip (along with advice from a friend) inspired this blog and its creation. I hope you enjoy what I put together over the coming months.